Chad Caruso – Skating across America

A few of this guy’s videos were posted in the footage thread but its pretty fun idea so thought maybe its good for a thread of its own.

He’s traveling to all 50 states, in 50 days, and doing a new trick in every one. Pretty mad.

You get the point…

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Really enjoy his content. Genuine skate rat, no ego, surprisingly hard tricks

Thing he did in conneticut was sick

nice, love his last series of videos, good guy, like his content, love his enthusiasm.

was bored at work a while back and treid to name as many states as i could in an afternoon. its harder than you think, i got about 34

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Yup. I think his challenges are well worth a watch, and the other stuff is good too.

It’s cool how friendly he and everyone he meets seem to be. When I visit a skatepark… even the local… it can take some time to get so much as an acknowledgement.

I’ve been skating Stockwell semi frequently since moving there end of last year - it’s hard enough just to get a nod never mind a spoken hello.

Unless of course you’ve got weed

i think its just and american thing. i think generally we are more standoffish and defensive in this country,

whats he looking at? whys he looking at me? whys he talking to me?

Americans generally seem more open to chat to strangers in my experience

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Yeah it’s kinda like this here too, a lot of young skaters won’t even look at you or say shit at a skatepark. I’m from this generation of skaters that would instantly be friends with anyone who’d have ollie marks on their shoes. I try to say hi to any skater I see at a skatepark.

Chad Caruso is the fucking man. So relatable yet so such a legend. Love his determination, and he does it for the love of it, nothing else. Radness.


I think it was you that first brought him to my attention, when he was doing the first(?) set of challenges, Franc. :+1:

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It annoys me how underrated his channel is. If he blew up and was getting hundreds of thousands of subscribers and views you know he’d be doing awesome stuff and helping people out

Oh really? I first heard about him on here, so it might have been someone else.
He seems to get no love on Slap which I don’t understand.

Maybe not then… :thinking:

You can have the credit anyway.

Somebody on here mentioned him in the video in his last trick challenge where he was doing nollie backside 180 switch five-0 or something like that. Think it was in the old dream trick thread

Yeah I don’t know why he doesn’t have more followers. Maybe because he’s a bit older - he’s one of the few skate YouTube people I follow and he seems more like someone you’d have a chat with irl, and not a weird corny social media kid

I posted a vid a good while ago so maybe you’re thinking of that?

Really enjoying this challenge. The park in Philly he skates in todays is insane.

TBF to the young guns at my local (Fram, Suffolk), once they get chatting they are a good bunch and often keen to try and make me do something other than the same old no comply tricks on the little bank in the corner.

Evidently I need to get into a bit of this then. Think I might’ve watched one of his trick tip vids once but other than that, new to me.

Chad is definitely the acceptable face of skateboarding Youtubers which is probably why he isn’t bigger than he is - without the “CRAZY SKATE CHALLENGES You wont believe what happened*!!!” videos with clickbait thumbnails he is always going to struggle.

Seems like a really nice guy, and I love this series even more than the previous new trick everyday.

I am intrigued to see his mental and physical condition by the end of this though. I would be impressed with “skateboarding even just for a little bit for 50 days straight” as a challenge, especially at his age!

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He’s cool but rad rat is my guilty pleasure.

Does he still read stuff off his Ipad? I liked his stuff but that wound me up for some reason.

oh man that rad rat episode recently where he talks about why he’s not been around for awhile got me in the feels