Charlie Munro's 'Scrape' Part

Excellent as always. Feel like he’s holding his grinds/slides a little longer in this.

Quentin Guthrie with another edit in a week. More ‘serious’ song selections.


That was sick; I think he may be one of my fav UK skaters at the mo.
Liked the first tune but not sure if the second one worked as well. But respect for trying something different with the music.
Filming as expected was top notch.

Absolute beast

Cracking part that. Not sure it fits the Primitive style but that probably made me like it more.

I suppose most of what I’ve seen of Primitive has been largely HD and has the American sheen of cleanliness. This edit catches the British grit that’s pretty intrinsic to what makes British videos special. Be it Death, Blueprint, Palace, Isle, or countless scene videos they’ve all had that background hue of drab browns, steel greys and hangover-piss yellows that nowhere else seems to get. Like you say it’s good that Primitive are supporting that and not sanitising that aspect.


Was this a stand alone part for Primitive?

Really good, ender didn’t really work for me.

That was such a good clip. Loving the Wade D appearances, too.

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