Children’s Board

Morning guys.

My 5 year old is showing an interest, thinking of getting him a board and starting him off. What’s best to go for, size wise etc? Seen a few tony hawk brand set ups and blueprint set up, any good?

Please don’t confuse the new Blueprint stuff with anything that’s gone before. I’ve heard a few people buying the Tony Hawk brand boards for their kids, but I think they do a couple of different levels of equipment with those.

Dwindle (Blind, Enjoi, Darkstar) make these smaller boards with foam griptape. My four year old has one.
Proper trucks, wheels, etc.
Well recommended.
You might need to get your local to order one in for you, though. Not a lot of places keep stock.

You can get mini decks which would be perfect for him.

Look for something around 7.25 and about 27 inches long.

Those starter blueprints are not a bad price point. Though something like a fracture would do just as good at a £50, there’s nothing much in the quality difference.

Of course if you’re based near a skater owned shop you should pop down and have a chat, they’ll sort you out (normally)

This is the important bit. I got something similar for my 7YO a couple of years back, much easier for him to control as it’s all about the proportions - kids need a shorter wheelbase.
AVOID plastic/Penny cruisers too! They’re hard to control anyway and are a waste of money.

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Basically buy one from @roncalow, he knows his shit

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We ended up getting a cliche set up. It’s a ‘proper’ skateboard with real trucks and wheels but is about 10-20% smaller. Think hers was £60 but as long as it doesn’t get wet it’ll last her till she’s on a proper board.