Children's books

My littlun loves it. Must have read it at least ten times today. She now tells me what’s happening when I turn the page. ‘Sidney not playing on the swings’, ‘board broken’ etc.

Only criticism I have is that all the kids are white boys, and it’s always good to see some diversity - but most kids books are guilty of this to be fair.

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Karl Watson’s book, Jonas is black and has loads of friends of different races.

Ace, I’ll check it out.

Mate it’s so dope man. My favourite book. Could probably write entire story in here off by heart.

“When Jonas was a little boy…”

Glad she likes it, totally get the white bias tried to make the skaters a variety of skin tones etc
I’m now working on a Christmas story where the main character (one of Sidney’s friends) is female and another BMX themed book with a non binary character! So much to take I to consideration

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Just looked at the printed copy and the kids do look all white- think is is down to the printing because I definitely had a variety :frowning:

Haha it’s not a big thing, just one of my bugbears with kids books in general. Will definitely keep an eye out for the next ones.


Thanks mate :green_heart:


Like wise.

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Just ordered another two copies for presents. And another book from the site. You can never have too many books right?

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Brilliant! Thanks for the support!

Switch benihana, kids these days

Brandon Turner is 38!

Screen Shot 2021-01-21 at 23.11.47

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I’m 46…he’s a kid :joy::joy::joy:

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I just didn’t get the Mike V reference that’s my only gripe. Also don’t like Mike V.

I would have preferred William Phan / Ly Puy Sin

I went with Mike V because he agreed (first one I approached!) I thought it would boost sales because -of course- he would share it on his social media…not a bloody word online from him about the book! :joy:

Needed a pro to step in and move the story forward (sponsorship, encouragement …world domination etc) and Mike agreed to be in it

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‘Gnarbunga’ by Matthew Bromley is pretty cool. It was my son’s favourite book when he was 3 years old.