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I’m 46…he’s a kid :joy::joy::joy:

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I just didn’t get the Mike V reference that’s my only gripe. Also don’t like Mike V.

@DanB explains at the end. Mike V seemed like a most suitable pro to make an appearance and sponsor Sydney.

I see no objections. I would have raised an eyebrow if he’s chosen Gino though…

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I would have preferred William Phan / Ly Puy Sin

I went with Mike V because he agreed (first one I approached!) I thought it would boost sales because -of course- he would share it on his social media…not a bloody word online from him about the book! :joy:

Needed a pro to step in and move the story forward (sponsorship, encouragement …world domination etc) and Mike agreed to be in it

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Did you ask him to?
It doesn’t cost anything to post a quick link on social media…
The pessimist would think he’d demand royalties or something.


‘Gnarbunga’ by Matthew Bromley is pretty cool. It was my son’s favourite book when he was 3 years old.

Yeah asked him, said he’d look at it but nothing happened, past caring now as I’ve got another book coming out in March

My interview!

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