Choosing a board to get into pumping rides

My part of the country in the US, riding hills has gotten to be mostly a past thing. They are resurfacing all the hills with that rough asphalt to deal with the ice in winter. I would like to get a board that would make for good full body pumping workout rides. Switchblade 40
Landyachtz Switch 35" Tiger
Those are what I came to mind but I need input.

I had a Landyachtz board that was 1 of those way overly lowered riding platforms that you can barely carve on. It was stolen so i can’t even say what board it was, but it was a very well built deck. But the Sector 9 I have is a pretty flat deck, and I think that’s what I like now.

What do you guys think of these? Right now the 9 board I modified with wheel cutouts, but it rides like crap. It’s got some great Orangutang wheels that I’ll put on the new deck. I have conventional king pin CNC trucks but will probably buy Paris 180s for the new board, Would love some feedback (-: very open to other ideas those 2 are just what I came up with at a glance.

Sorry I know this post is kinda disorganized I am trying to get it posted before bed time. Just joined here and need feedback!

I think you need to find a forum for downhillers @jonohoff

This forum is based in the UK and mostly street/park/ramp skaters. Downhillers/longboarders tend not to mix that much.

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You need something like this for the surfaces we have in the UK.

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I know a longboard is technically a skateboard because it has a deck, wheels and trucks, but it’s a whole different sport to what most skateboarders do. I’ve been a skater all my life and I’ve never stepped on a longboard. You need a longboard forum.

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can someone recommend a good longboard forum? I was having a lot of trouble finding 1, and this place was easy enough to register and you guys are clearly awesome in the sense that I got 3 responses in 8 hours. If someone could point me to a forum with as many awesome people as this, that’d be awesome!

Reddit will have a sub forum i’m sure.

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