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I only ever knew her as Soo-Soo, never heard of the Papillon bit before I saw it on the films

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Bring back Dog Wanker skateboards

Yep, pretty shit.

Something else I had saved, this tragic timing from @Spanky made me laugh so hard when I read it


Holy shit. Amazing.

Ha, not sure if you have posted that before or I just remember it happening.
Always hard to post trivial shit in the Not Stoked after some heavy post.

Ha I think I did post it on the old forum a few years ago. It’s the addition of the word ‘slightly’ that gets me haha

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You know its back right?

Bring back Writers’ Tail Block.


Yeah. He promised me a spot on ginger of the week!

Orange Wednesday!

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Pft nah yer alright.

Not sure Ive got the energy or the inspiration to try and restart that one

You’re the ginger of the week every week xx

Well, some weeks


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