Classic Sidewalk Forum

Inspired by the memories shared in the other thread…

Share your memories of the forum over the nearly two decades it’s been active. I’ve been on this place for 17 years now, no idea how many hours I must’ve sank into shooting the shit on here with everyone. There’s been some great and hilarious moments over that time.

My favourites were always when someone would come harking their new product or idea and get into massive arguments when they received any criticism. Yella Clothing is the obvious one, but I have better memories of the bloke who wanted to build a scooter park in Eastbourne, and the best one ever the Extreme Vampire Rats on Skateboards guy.


Extreme Rob


You can’t refer to these stories without telling the story man cmon!

I wasn’t really on the old forum. I think I posted on it back in like 2004 and then didn’t again for a decade. Seemed really clique-y

Silvergults were funny.


I have far too many but off the top of my head here are two.

Marisa dal Santo posted on there as ‘squirrelgrl’ for a while after loads of traffic derived from the OG forum ended up on her pre-Zero YouTube clips. She posted for a fair while too.

The Iranian kids who found the forum and used to post about their scene in Tehran - posting pics and whatnot, that was ace.

Oh and of course the academic beef caused when grinnersausages slagged off some other academic at Berkeley (iirc) and called him a cunt. The same ‘cunt’ a neocon economist found the posts via self Google and emailed me kicking off and demanding I deleted it. I googled the guy at the time and he was pretty big in the game in academia.


That one deserves an explanation

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I used to mock my friends that used it when it started and called them nerds. But since working in an office for the last 9 years I’ve been glued to it and its new form.

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Well, when they found their feet yeah but there were times that were just nonsensical gibberish. They must have had a proper laugh doing it though, just it wasn’t quite as funny not being under the same influence as they were.

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Extreme Robs crazy night in shining armor in the form of Elect Rick! that dudes hair still haunts me when I close my eyes.

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Didn’t he post mad spots? I’m trying to remember exactly.

One of my first posts was asking Chewy Cannons stance, I remember that!

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The Big Push beef between PDL and the Death camp (lots of Death riders used to post) was always funny.
Magee loved shit stirring on there.

I am really sad that the thread covering Bingo’s untimely death is gone. It was real time mourning from the community.


Do people on here remember cubix?


Bingo thread was amazing. :heart:
Oh and the scene video thread.
Some good rants from store owners on there as well.
Trying to remember some of my old night owl buddies while I was at Uni and posting constantly.


Cubix had a threesome? I started posting 2005 I think. So remember quite a lot.

Got shut down by floor and monster network so much. Just a kid talking bare shit.

Wasn’t he on some TV programme as well?

Magee was the fucking best on there.

So many good photographers and filmers on there. Insta killed all that.


of course. It’s kinda weird looking back and it was pretty much just young kids finding their way onto the internet. Such a different time. Even the oldies like us were pretty young.

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Cubix was one of the earliest super prolific posters - a lot of the longest lived threads were started by him.
He was from Essex somewhere I think and used to post like it was his diary. Threesomes, fights in Asda etc. Too funny


Anyone remember the ‘London goes BOOM’ thread? Started by snail skate I think.
That was a real time reaction to the 7/7 bombings. Incredible piece of forum mirror up to reality that one.


Malanax was rad, Newcastle fan.

Who was cashman.

Skatey likes thread was fire.


Fuck really??