Clean or replace bearings?

Just got a complete but wheels are not holding a good spin, one not spinning at all. Been through a couple of puddles but nothing major in terms of water. Only had it under a week. Would I be better off replacing the bearings or should I try give them a good clean as they are still pretty new?

If it’s a complete that wasn’t from an actual skate shop, chances are the bearings are only good for keeping the wheels on. You could get a set of Modus from a skate shop for about £10 that’ll make atll the difference.

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have a look that the axle nuts aren’t done up too tightly also. you want to be able to wiggle the wheel side to side slightly

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@buildafire was from a skate shop so think they should be decent, thanks for the advice tho bud and the recommendation. Will defo grab a set of them if they need to be replaced! :slightly_smiling_face:

@niallc cheers, will check that out

No more puddles, avoid like the plague. Best not to get any of your board wet, ever

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Ave it Bobby.