Come Back Max

Launching this appeal for Max to return to the fold before Xmas. I for one miss your intricate theories on the inner workings of the skateboarding industry. The SOTY thread is not the same without you. You may grate me sometimes as I know I do you but I’m pretty sure you’re missed by most people on here. Will you accept my grovelling and please return?


Need characters like Max here. He finds loads
Of random shit that I would never have bothered to watch.

Also appreciate the analytical approach to skateboarding.


I imagine he’ll have the odd lurk, I did every couple of weeks with this latest break I had, catch up on the footage thread etc.
I hope he comes back but I understand why he needed a break. Even from the outside I could see what some would call bullying. I think he took it all really well and not even sure he even saw it as bullying, who knows? he gave some back but there were people being dicks for the sake of it, being snarky at everything Max said. Max had some weird shit to say every now and again, a different take or just misjudged, doesn’t matter, it made the place colourful.
We’ve sanitised this place in a way.
It’s still addictive and we’re all good people really.

So yeah, come back when you’re ready man, we look forward to it.

I didn’t start this thread to start throwing out accusations at others, you’re somewhat contradicting yourself complaining about sanitisation but then accusing others of bullying. I wouldn’t go that far myself. Max is a contrarian and that’s why I like him but with that there will always be some back and forth. Let’s not make it a bigger deal than it needs to be hey

I agree, it’s a contradiction and it’s not one thing that’s caused it (social media evolved into many places, good and bad) but yeah, I am repeating myself by saying this. I’m not throwing accusations, and actually I wasn’t thinking of you, you just snap at everyone the same so you’re at least consistent and don’t target anyone in particular (please take that as it’s meant, a joke :wink: )

He’ll be back, we ALL come back!

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