Comedy web series about UK skaters

I am producing comedy web series about two skaters who spend their gap year trapped in their small home town and we have just released our first episode which is linked below. What I’d really like is feedback from you guys as actual skaters and skate-nerds on the depiction of skateboarding in the episode. I’m sure you’ve all had your fair share of cringes at references to/depictions of skating in film and TV and basically I’d love to know if this works/fucks you right off! Any criticism is welcome basically.

I thought pace was a bit slow, but then again I’m probably not your target audience.

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Yeah bit slow - theres a couple good jokes in there but sometimes the extended silence makes the punchlines drift on what could otherwise have been a good joke. Reckon if you could just make the editing a bit snappier and speed up the dialogue a bit it could work.

My only other thought, which might be too late now - but I think it would be more realistic if they had at least some level of skating ability. Like, if they were extremely average but good for their small town. That way it might be more realistic for someone to be deluded of their own skill in a small town sort of way. Not sure if someone of their supposed age would have dreams of making it with no skill level to speak of.

I thought the short haired guy was good at playing the straight man


Ha yeah I spotted that. Just need coloured wheels and shake junt grip and away you go

Yeah, didn’t get it personally due to that fact. I love stupid comedy the most but this idea of somebody so stupid in a real situation having such an unrealistic goal just didn’t work. Agree that they should at least be able to skate a bit.
It felt like you really modelled yourself on the inbetweeners or at least the actors were. It was a little bit laboured between dialogue as people have said, may just be in the editing.
I didn’t find it funny at all but that’s not really a guage of your show, I don’t find 95% of TV comedy funny.

Cheers for all taking the time to watch and give feedback! All noted. We are certainly aware of pacing issues, the episode is currently pretty top heavy, we may be re-cutting before releasing the next episode. Jay and Silent Bob is certainly in the subconscious at all times so glad to see them mentioned. Liking the skating-based gag suggestions, always welcome. Glad the Element complete was noticed - that character is essentially a Palace wannabe without the funds so must settle with his Christmas complete. The inclusion of actual skating is an issue that I thought may come up and it’s definitely been the most useful part of the feedback for me as it will inform how much we will focus on skating in the show going forward so as not to represent it inaccurately or just poorly. Cheers fellow skaters!

Hello all, just putting a link to Episode Two here if anyone is interested. No actual skating in this one but any feedback welcome as before! Cheers.