Coming to the UK - What cities do I go to skate?!

Hi guys, i’m coming to the UK next month and I want to hit up all the essential skate cities in the UK. I know about London and the spots there for sure, but where else is a must hit? Where else is there a great scene? I’ve heard good things about Bristol? and about Leeds/Manchester?

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Yep, those three have strong scenes. Anyone know any good instagram accounts for those city scenes?


Insta handle @eazystreets I think.

Fifty Fifty & Welcome Skate Store, Note & Black Sheep would be good places to start

I’m based in Leeds pal! I’m skating all the time. I work heavy weekends but always skating afterwards and in the weekdays. We have several crews that can show you about. Hit up welcome skate store and Hyde park skate park and you’ll find someone. Send me a private message with your number etc if you want and we can arrange somethin