Cons' "Seize the Seconds" video

This is worth it.

Alexis. Elissa tribute push. Louie. Raemers. Zered. Manderson. JJ (Not Two Hat Nazi one). Brian Delatorre, Brad Cromer. Oh, aye.



Just WOW.

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Alexis is fucking amazing. Some savage slams from all so far. (Half way through)

Noseslide, bs nosegrind revert at that curved ledge was amazing.

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copypaste ha

Just watched it and Honestly, Alexis has one of the best kickflips and heelflips ever. Amazing flick and the rest of the footage was amazing.

Louie just getting better and better, not someone I ever really imagined looking so good. Makes you wonder whether we’d have seen this type of footage if he stayed on flip?
Oh just for broken records sake, I wish some of the tricks would have been captured better rolls eyes

Only got as far as Alexis and had to post.
This is the single most amazing representation of skateboarding (performed by a woman) ever. Rightly ends on an Elissa reference too which is on the same level of cultural significance.
Fuck yes


Ok so what the actual fuck.

Need to watch again to compute more - Alexis and Louie, Jesus fucking Christ.

Frank Gerwer Fs Crook, Sammy Baca (Bacca?) fakie flip into that bank - fuck me.

Louie. Louie. Louie. Fuck.

Dedication to Ben was lovely :heart: I think everyone in skateboarding misses him forever.


Haha. Yes mate me too.

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As soon as that clip started I knew what spot and trick it was, Couldn’t wait to see it ha.

Can’t fuck with a Tommy G cameo either.


This was sick. Alexis rips so hard, she definitely needs to be added to that list of skateboarders who actually make heelflips look good, she’s got a cracking one. The Raemers/Louie Low 5 got me smiling too.

Swear Louie Lopez has had those braces since he was about 10 though.

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Fuuuuuck…Alexis heel flip the road gap then kick flip the load bay gap. Properly nice

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Haven’t read the thread properly so sorry if I’m going over any already covered ground but that was fucking incredible. From start to finish perfect. Louie seems like one of those guys who’s in the upper echelon of pro skateboarders now. Like one of the all time greats. THAT frontside flip is mental!

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Holy shit, that was just exciting from start to finish.

Alexis skates like’s she’s en route to knock someone out and it’s ace.

Jake Johnson had like five tricks and two of then were amongst the best things I’ve seen all year. Switch wallride back 180 out? Fuck outta here…

Side note: how shiny is K-Rod’s head?

Louie Lopez is piss take good and looks like a really nice person to be around.

Total level up on the editing/production side from Ben Chadourne since Purple too.

Louie’s songs were sick, that Dean Blunt track had a Witch House feel to it.

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All round so good, like watch it again and again good. Won’t bother to repeat what’s already been said but I’m in full agreement with all of it. We can all forget about that Vans video now.

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Ends on two spots where she one ups Elissa. And then a shot of Alexis walking through a graveyard. Has she figuratively and literally just pissed on Elissa’s legacy?!

Maybe that’s some kind of fountain of youth thing? :speak_no_evil:

Didn’t like Alexis’ section starting with her smashing her board in a public area (Manhattan, right?). Didn’t bring anything interesting to the video, and I hate knowing that all those non-skaters see stuff like that and think we’re dangerous or whatever because of that. Whatever. Had to say it. Her skating was incredible and she rules.

Tommy G’ frontside ollie made me want to do a frontside ollie.
Gerwer’s front crooks was sublime.

And yeah, Manderson is incredible and totally underrated. This wasn’t his best stuff but anything he films is badass.

That clip of Young Louie and Ben was moving.

Do you reckon? This felt a bit more disjointed to me. Found it hard to focus in places with the switching between different skaters. Kind of preferred the Purple soundtrack as well.

Did Eli Reed have anything or did I just miss it?

A banging switch back 180 nosewheelie at that 3 up 3 down spot by the river in NY.


Nah, that was deffo on a “honouring thy foremother” type tribute. I can’t believe how hard she went. Full on attack mode. The fact she’s in her mi-30’s is doubly impressive, flying at everything with teenage abandon.


That was a fucking great watch , Alexis stole the show for sure, so so good . Leticia move over , you just been served hard .
The Ben tribute was lovely too.