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A combination of news and random pictures and pointless topics but for good shit only.

The re-released a trailer for Sonic the hedgehog after people slammed the design of Sonic previously.

Looks very fun.

Nice idea for a thread

I might be late on this but some of these dates are pretty funny. Obviously some of the guests play the game but D Double E seems like a genuinely special guy.

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hahahahaha they don’t take card here

Last post for now but this has to be my favourite scene from Friends. Ross and his leather pants.
I can’t help but feel Hugo might have experienced something similar…?

I am Ross from friends.

Married, child, divorced and married again within 2 seasons.

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You can’t post anything from Friends in a “Good Shit” thread…


Nah, it’s good to have shite like that quarantined so it doesn’t end up in the regular threads. Name is confusing since the Stoked, TV, Pointless Topics, Music and Movies thread already get the actual good shit posted in them.

ooh, looks like we got a couple of them cool guys hanging out.


Jim Carrey and Friends…

For those reasons I’m out.

If that’s a Friends quote it’s lost on me… My favourite episode is “The one where I left the house.”

This thread is for if you see something you think is good and aren’t sure which thread to put it in.

I take it as a sort of “This made me smile/cheered me up” sort of thing.

Somehow still less annoying as the phrase “That makes me happy”. This infantilisation creeping into mainstream culture really is worrying.

“Don’t throw me away, I can be recycled!” shit. Talking toilets. Fuck off.

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Ok boomer.


Did you dab for Tik-Tok when you typed that?


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best thread ever? maybe


Old but good

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