Continually Updated Personal Footage and Photos


One post, thread shut down.

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2014! :astonished:

I can’t find Winter Of Discontent or Summer Of Bruv anymore… are they still up anywhere?

Haha! I should have looked a little harder… :smiley:

Cheers Voodoo.

Wasn’t there a Bernie Winters?

When’s the next one?

Who posted that edit from the wakey meetup a few years ago? was it calow?

Yep, Ron.

I think WayOut did one too.

He did, yes.

I’ll have a look through my YouTube likes / playlists to see if I can find a link.

Found it!

Does anyone know the name of the first song please?


Wow, we did so many, not sure I was on any haha Will have to watch.
I’m actually down to do something for a new one though, I have been more motivated now than I have for years.

No idea mate. That was great though, never noticed the detail at the time, holy shit. Hugo’s shoes etc.

There are definitely more of these though. Ron’s, and there must be more WayOut ones if Voodoo has posted all his.

Let’s do another one. I’ll edit it if no one else can be arsed. Which will involve no real editing.

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Never mind, cheers Build.

There were so many cool little references in that edit - excellent work.

So much good skating in all these… I could watch Rowley Nordberg all day. :+1:

That gigantic nollie bs heel he does in one of the edits :ok_hand:t3::ok_hand:t3:

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His footage on the latest Drug Store video is ace (as is the rest of it as it goes).

any ideas how to find it? was trying to find it earlier to no avail

Give me a mo and I will upload to youtube the vid that Ronny made from the forum meet up in Leeds.

Try this…

Quality is awful though. I am sure there was a better version.

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