Continually updated running thread

Doctor told me to avoid running. Tempted to start skipping again. Wade Des Ormeaux’s worrkout updated seem a bit nuts.

No not really. When I got back onto shift work I wanted to keep it up, but working nights and stuff just throws it out the window.

Hey Running Thread!
I’m running the Great North Run this Sunday for the Ben Raemers Foundation, if anyone wants to donate or share the link on their social media that would be amazing :pray: - here’s the link -

Cheers, Sam


Just donated. Enjoy the run – I wish I could do it too. You will smash it.

You will kill it SPT. Running really well lately. Stay on it!

Garmin Fenix range mate… I picked up a brand new Fenix 5S a few months ago on eBay for £220… 20hrs battery in GPS mode and a million and one features I will never use… I regularly build routes on Strava then send them to the watch so I can use it as a sat nav in the mountains. That feature is amazing.

Thanks a lot man! I’m looking forward to it, never done a big organised run before.

Cheers! Think it’s going to be fun.

Just donated. Best of luck.

thanks a lot!

How did it go?

It went well, not done a big run like this before with so many people haha.
I wasn’t prepared for how hilly it was though and I was ruined from 19KM on but just chugged along and had enough in the tank for a sprint in the last 200m.

My official time was 1hr30mins34 seconds, stoked. About 4:17/km
Strava info: 21.2 km Run Activity on September 12, 2021 by Sam T. on Strava
825th out of about 50,000.
Next time I’m definitely doing more elevation training.
Also, raised £1,101 for The Ben Raemers Foundation, thanks everyone for your donations!


Well done - that’s an incredible effort! I can’t get to 4:17/km average on a 5km!

ha thanks man! Legs are feeling it today, brittle as fuck.

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