Continually updated running thread

Well done @hugo Get one run a week in even if it’s only 30mins… 30 mins out of a week mate, that’s nothing.

@jamjar is that right what I read above? 2hr34 marathon?? Aye, yi, yi… That’s awesome mate.

Alright one of the things that bugs me though is the need to put everything in Km.
I will never not talk in miles.

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Has anyone nailed getting up early and running? How do you do it? Every morning the alarm goes off and…nah…snooze. Then got to fit the run in later on when the days already gone wrong/hectic.

That doesn’t seem like enough to improve.

3 years ago I went about 3 times a week and comfortably ran about 12k without stopping at one point. Was not very fast though.

It’s KM always for cycling and running.

The only thing in Miles is a marathon.

If you are not running at all 30mins a week is a good starting point… it’s all about building a solid base, slowly increasing millage over time to prevent injury… To many people worry about being fast… By being patient and building a good base speed will follow.

Yeah, I prefer to run in winter too tbf because cycling can be a chore.

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I think you need to go minimum 3 times a week to progress. If you have a bit of structure you will get better much quicker… Tuesday intervals, Thursday tempo run, Sunday long run. Tempo run is something like 2k easy pace, 6k race pace then 2k easy (10k total). It depends how far/fast you want to run.

Is interval like 1k fast 1k slow etc?

Definitely. A good tip is to gradually increase distance 10% each time. Don’t worry about speed, just time spent running.

My week every week for the past year has been 50-65 miles with a minimum of 1500m vertical between road and trail. 1 long run with the rest being tempo runs. Some weeks intervals depending on who I am running with… 1 rest day.

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Intervals depend a bit on what you’re training for. For speed you might do 10 x 300m intervals with 100m walk/jog recovery between each 300m. The interval is always longer than the recovery.

Hill reps are also good. Run up a short hill (100-200m) then walk down x 10.

1k fast then 1k slow is called fartlek. You can also do 1 minute fast then 1 minute slow.

I used to spring between lamp posts. Sprint, jog, spring, jog.

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Yeah, but I’m a morning person anyway. Used to love early morning runs pre work on a frosty morning. Doesn’t work at the moment with the weeun and working from home though, pram runs for me mostly at the moment.

Thought the Barley Marathons was absolutely bonkers, but loved the passion of it. And lack of pretension.

The Scott Jurek book (North I think it’s called) is really good. About running the Appalachian Trail. Again, completely bonkers but amazing. There’s a documentary about his mate who beat his record that’s really good too.

I’m liking this thread. Getting me enthused for running more.

I know.
I’m saying no.

I can’t seem to run in the evenings and always do an early morning run. It just turns into pure guilt if I go ‘ahhh I’ll go tomorrow’.

Started running in the last couple months, mainly after work as I end up getting restless after being sat at a desk at home all day.
Might be a boring question, but for a morning run do you eat or drink anything first or just get up and go?

I normally have coffee and then go.

Apparently if you run on an empty stomach you burn more fat as there is less blood sugar to use first. If that’s of any interest. Exercise straight after food might be dodgy cos the blood leaves your digestive system to go to your muscles and makes you feel sick/puke?

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Interesting, I’m always worry about running out of energy and feeling shaky running on a empty stomach. I’ll have to just give it a go one morning.

I started running 3 times a week a month ago as I accidentally saw my side profile in a photo. Didn’t expect that. I’m doing around 3k’s but not pushing it much further just yet. I tried the Couch to 5k thing this morning and it’s fucking annoying. I don’t have the discipline to walk 5 mins as warm up as I just want to get going - but then also I tire myself out too quickly. Good news is I’ve lost 1kg in this time and I need another 5 to be really stoked. Have cut out all weekday booze as well. My dad died young of a heart attack so need to keep the ticker in the best shape that I can, I guess - just in case. I’m enjoying it - but I can’t do it without music/podcast to distract me from the sheer boredom of running to a place and then running back.