Continually updated Skate Creative podcast thread

I think that this is currently the best skate podcast out there, and that it deserves its own thread. (Yes, there have been threads and posts on various episodes, I know.)

There’s only two things I’d change about it. One, more regular episodes; and two, make Magee the permanent co-host. @anonymity’s ok too, I guess.


Joel has a full time job and basically does this podcast for free so more episodes is unlikely.

Also highly unlikely that Magee would have time/want to be a permanent host I’d think as he’s busy too.

It is deffo great though.

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Oh I’m aware. He’s a family man too. This is just wishful thinking, channelling The Secret and that.

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Whispering Joel Curtis.

The intros are hard to listen to in the car but audible during the interviews.

It’s pretty gnarly how much work he does to switch between the 3 different audio recordings of me and dan talking/shouting over each other and himself wrangling us back to the point raised.
We’re literally all talking over each other constantly but he manages to fiddle around enough so it sounds like we’re all waiting our turn.


Hah, that does take some skill. Audio Powell magic.

Yeah, and it sounds like you’re in the same room, which is quite a feat.

New episode is up:


Couple of absolute legends on this weeks episode with Joel & @anonymity :

Hilda Quick & Connie Gascoyne :heart:

Ps. Noticed that neither GSUK or Nurding are yet to hype up this episode which seems strange considering Monday’s conversation. Companion and Vague have shouted about it.


Non-Apple link for the Android users