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Hey guys, I’m a final year graphic communication student focusing his final major project on getting more people to pick up skateboarding regardless of age, gender, sexuality, background etc. For the first part of the project I had to write a dissertation about my topic which was looking into the treatment of women and LGBTQ folk within skateboarding culture. And from my findings I decided to focus the ‘Design’ aspect of the project into encouraging more people, in general, to take up skateboarding

If you wanna check out the report, you can do so over here:


(I promise it’s not super boring to read)

So I have a super quick survey that I’d like to use to hear from skaters about their experiences skating and generally what their frustrations are with skateboarding culture and anything that would improve their experience skateboarding .


It’ll should only take a minute and all responses are super helpful as I’m aiming to make something of actual value to skaters :slight_smile:

Your snappy thread title really isn’t helping too back up this claim.

Update: This comment no longer makes sense with thread title edit*


If the Olympics can’t get more people into skating, I don’t know what will. Good luck with the project.

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Skateboarding is the best vehicle for letting your frustrations out, there is no improvement to be made