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that’s pretty fucking good.

thread title needs fixed.

Mark Hamill does Han Solo’s voice over and Kylo at the end, haha.

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Chris Cole off Monster, on milk

There was some really smelly skateboarding in that…

I’m a bit out of touch. Is this real? Is big dairy buying skateboarders, or am I being trolled?

Is that really a thing? I’d respect him more if he had kept the stinky energy drink money. It was fine for him to push that shite on to kids for years because the money was right. So if he even starts saying that they are bad for you now, it’s going to be laughable. He has just swapped one pay cheque for another, so I hope he doesn’t pretend it’s for moral/health reasons.

One flaw, I can’t see kids bringing milk out to the hot days session. Mmmm warm milk all day. Unless they do milkshakes (again loaded in sugar and not nice warm).

It would be interesting to know what his motives are, i would guess he was cut from monster not long after DC. He did an Uber wars add a month or two back so I guess that’s the health/moral theory out the window.

Oh dear, though I want a pickle hat, haha.

Milk was my drink of choice when it came to a shop stop during skate days.
That accompanied by a pack of Maryland cookies.
You can make a pack of cookies and a pint of milk last exactly the same amount of time.


username checks out

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This is fucking amazing. Tom Hanks appearing at CES against his will, because Sony snuck it into his contract.

He was on a documentary I watched earlier about the eighties absolutely hyping the Sony Walkman.

Ostrich leg anyone?


So rad. And he looks like he’s having an absolute blast there. Champ.

Haha, he’s a total BBQ bossman too:

Digging your own 6 ft deep fire pit for a spot of Sunday dinner is manly as fuck. What a absolute hero.

This guy rules. I died when he starts karate chopping.

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When I was about 15 years old I thought I’d become a billionaire by starting my own fizzy milk company! The new 100% healthy energy drink. Made doodles of the advertising, designed the labels and bottles all without tasting it.
A pint of milk and a soda stream machine soon put me off the idea. Fizzy milk is fucking rank. Seems so obvious looking back lol