Coolest Christmas present

Who got the coolest Christmas present?

Mother in law got me selection of cheeses. Still wading my way through them. Result.
Also my brother in law gave me an old Raspberry Pi he found in his desk drawer. Been wanting to much around with one for ages. Wallop.

The Mrs got a framed print of this Vic Reeves drawing…



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A slow cooker… I’m old and stoked!!! Haha.

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I got a deck for the second time ever. And some spitfire lock ins too.



Would be well stoked with that

Got this off the parents , surprisingly very accurate in my circle of friends.

Alex Irvine??

Yeah defo him .

The girl who gets dragged to the skatepark to watch her shit boyfriend try and land a trick.

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I had to wait til the 27th to have my Xmas with my mum and daughter, my mum handed us some presents and said “I don’t know which is which…” so we opened them up and they were all for my daughter “I must have forgotten your present, but you’ve got your stocking!” my mum said, I looked in the stocking and there was an orange, and these…

Do I win?


Slow cookers are so good.

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I use these things ALL the time. Keep them herbs and spices fresh…

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[quote=“Spanky, post:1, topic:890, full:true”]
brother in law gave me an old Raspberry Pi he found in his desk drawer.[/quote]
Nerdism :+1:

I got a Korg Volca Sample from the Mrs…

…and a Natas reissue from my brother…


Neither of which can keep herbs and spices fresh…


Those cook clips do exactly that, no?

You’ve mugged yourself off here @pigdog237 but I’m a gent so I’ll give you 4 bag clips in multiple colourways for the Natas…

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Just realised, you were replying to PD.
This forum format escapes me, sometimes.

You’re helping my sales pitch!