‘Cover Version’ online NOW

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So stoked to see clips where the main focus is not the skaters face or fashion.
Def looks and feels like it’s by who it’s by which is actually refreshing to see after all this time. It;s like a real skate video ha.
I’m at Korahn at the mo and interesting but rad choice with Lianne la havas, she’s so underated.

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Really fucking good, mostly great music choices which stokes me. I want to watch again tomorrow and it’s been years since I watched anything more than once (bar a couple of things maybe, sour etc)


The fucking intense staredown of a spot as you ride up to it.

Yeah completely agree about that.

The filming was so spot on.

That was a breath of fresh air. The skating was really tough. Unrelatable to someone like me who mainly skates flatground or low transition but it was immense to watch. Lintell’s last trick at wandsworth bank made me recoil in horror. Actually all the parts were heavy…

Mark E. Smith barking over Harry Lintell destroying some truly haggered handrails. Yes.

Video is fucking sick.

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Wo fucking Wo, spoiler alert.

Any other way of watching it? Currently in Berlin and it’s apparently blocked because of a music copyright claim.

They are uploading it to Vimeo as we speak.

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Sorry I’ll edit that

It was a Grey cover, think it is ok to mention

Video was amazing though, skating and spot selection was fantastic. Conor Charleson part was probably my favourite. If you’ve ever been there you’ll know that slappy nosegrind in Crystal Palace shouldn’t be possible

Personally wasn’t into a lot of the music choices and found them quite bland/forgettable, Lintells 2 songs worked amazingly though. Was hoping for more since Blueprint vids introduced me to some great music. Music didn’t ruin anything at all just didn’t bring much to the table for me.

Also really liked the little lurker cuts, proper classic Blueprint vibes

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yeah fucking hell I went there and couldn’t even wallride it.

Oh shit I can’t wait to watch all of this.

Spanky tribute at 6.12!

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Absolutely amazing. Thanks Magee for another classic!

I noticed this had been posted when I was on my way to bed.

40 minutes later, too stoked to sleep.

rad video.

what is the name of the Lianne la havas track?

“Your Ghost”


I like some of the subtleties in this.

The Grenfell green heart.

The lyric of ‘walking down the street see a poster’ and Lintell skates down a street past a poster.

A few more nice things.

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How fucking gnarly is Lintell, hope he goes pro for Real.