Covid 19 warmley skatepark hate

Recently I’ve been receiving lots of negative messages from resident hating on Park users due to all these restrictions even know some of the parks are now open
Lots of fake news articles like 50 kids using the skatepark during the lock down you couldn’t fit 50 kids in this skatepark there wasn’t even that many people skating on the opening jam i have had contact from the local police telling me there constantly getting reports from resident’s complain about the skatepark
When I did a bit of investigation into the matter turns out some random guy spoke to some residents saying there were 50 kids up the park so they report it with out even checking if it was true and suddenly it became a negative news article making all us park users look bad
its annoying me a bit as it seems like a accuse to target skatepark users with out any real evidence
Obviously I can’t stop people using the park and nor would I try to as everyone is free to make there own choice I just feel like these residents disliked the skatepark in the first place and are now using the lock down as a means of target us all
Haven’t had any other reports of local skateparks in the area just Warmley forest even know the other parks are being used

Paul Britton, Paul Breddy and Honor Taylor should go fuck themselves.


Old people love to complain on Facebook.


This is what the cycle track looked like but none of them post that up or made a comment about it till I made a point it wasn’t just the skatepark funny that


I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks this

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couldn’t agree more they have nothing better to do so let’s pick on the kids who use the skatepark

Don’t worry there’s more where that came from when I tried explaining some skatepark were open due to government guidelines I got this response from them

I get that the vast majority of Facebook is ‘old people Facebook’, but still:


Hang on a minute? Weren’t walking sticks shaken at pretty much the exact same thing in a video on here the other day?


That was the Jordan Thackeray back d on the fence footage wasn’t it?

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They did this to Clissold Skatepark which has brought the kids over from the playground…

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I really don’t understand why they do this cause it just made it worse like those kids are social distancing and who’s going to pay to remove all of it when this is over ?

Wasn’t that at Hackney bumps?

“Our forefathers went over the top in WW1 and ran into a hail of bullets; our forefathers jumped out of boats in WW2 and waded through a rain of bullets. We’re being asked to stay in and watch the telly.”

Fuck off Ian, you Brexity gammon cunt.


I had seen in America they filled parks with sand, but didn’t realise we were that retarded over here.
So now the council has paid someone to fill the bowl with woodchips, and then has to pay again to remove them all?

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Thing is ciaran up to this point with the article Ian was a big supporter of the skatepark and was a great help with setting up the event we were going to do but since this i guess being a Councillor you have to be shown to be supporting the residents who clearly are keyboard warriors and never thought to speak to anyone in the park just make negative comments

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