You can still get it post jab, it’s just supposed to lessen (to a variable degree) the severity. So if you’re super high risk and catch it post-jab you might get knocked out for a week instead of being hospitalised on oxygen and maybe dying. If you’re reasonably healthy it might just be like a nasty cold and you might not even realise.

There will always be outliers where people suffer worse than they ‘should’ post vaccine, which deniers will cite as proof that it’s ineffective. You can still pass it on too, which is why social distancing is still important even after you’ve been done.

That’s how I understand it anyway.


Wife’s aunt, uncle, cousin and cousin’s-baby have all got it, with full symptoms. The aunt and uncle had had their first jab.

One thing i’ve learned in gambling is that 95% of success sounds good but you wouldn’t ever bet your house on it.


Latest Downing Street leak is that Boris will be changing June 21st to July 19th now…

How many of these ‘leaks’ have their been in the last year? 20 or so?!


Yeah but most of them have been correct so far.

Second jab done.
AZ Doe or Die.
Much less dangerous for my health than the blank faced woman who drove at me the wrong way down the A64 on my way to the vaccine centre. Had to swerve into the hard shoulder :exploding_head:
I came out the centre to sound of sirens heading in that direction so hoping she fucking pulled over before she head on hit somebody


So can we even call them ‘leaks’? They’ve clearly been testing the water by putting ideas out there before they actually act. Personally I like the idea of a gov that doesn’t have an unauthorised leak every month, makes you feel they’re in some way competent.


Yeah I wasn’t really making a point other than that I noticed every recent leak was accurate.

It’s comical at this point, except it isn’t that funny really


Don’t really have a problem with it to be honest. They’re managing expectations in a situation where they can’t even predict what’s going to happen next week. It’s aimed at people who somehow expect the govt to do in a months time what they’ve said now they’re going to do in a months time. Despite their track record of changing their minds all the time.

Pretty sure you can manage expectations without staged leaks, I let it go the first few times but now it’s just embarrassing. Most people are totally fine with restrictions or lengthening of restrictions if cases and hospital admissions start to go up. We can do most things now anyway so god knows why people were so obsessed with this freedom day idea.

But they’re not really leaks any more are they then? It’s just just how they communicate.

Oxford tonight, masks aside, didn’t look like there were any restrictions in place what so ever.



I’m pretty sure spoons is open ffs.


Boris has delayed lockdown easing by four weeks. Freedom day is cancelled.

*Turns on GB News, haha.

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Got my first jab today (Pfizer)! What make me even more stoked is that I was meant to have it tomorrow, but got a text from my GP asking if anyone wanted it short notice… and I don’t have to travel far at all for it.


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