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Covid really is a shit show. I’ve had some form of normality hope for a while but it just feels it isn’t going to happen. I dismissed musings a while back (maybe 2020) of ‘things won’t be the same again’.

Mask up, jab up and hunker down.

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It is concerning but maybe for some it’s best just not to read into stories like that until it’s possible it might actually change things significantly here. That said, the pace this virus changes scares me, I just hope all the scientists making the vaccines can keep on top of it all.


Vaccine lady last year said they can and will tweak the vaccines to suit mutations. They can potentially have a new one green lit and ready to roll in months. Guess the problem then is getting it in arms


Yeah I’ve seen this. If they’re so into the truth who the hell is funding this shit? (That newspaper thing)

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