Creature Skateboards - 'Gangreen'

Not watched it all yet, full length, own thread?


gnarly bastards


Just finished it.
I don’t think there was anything much which wasn’t done at less than full speed.
It’s exactly what you’d expect from a Creature video.

Chris Russel looks better now he’s dropped the sport mode gear. Provosts last trick is really sick.
Milton and Bækkel are just heavy throughout their parts.

Kinda reminds me of an old Thrasher Playing In Traffic type release.

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Wait a second…Where was the Jimmy Wilkins footage? Is he off?
I pressed play and he was 1/3 of the reason why.


Hmmm, where is Wilkins? Milton is always a reason to watch too, see how he can keep topping his gnarrr!?

Odd on Wilkins. Especially as there was a bunch of vert in there.

Milton is sick as usual in this. Even if he doesn’t top the gnarl but keeps playing at that level, then I am good.

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just watching now.

intro is PERFECT

chris russell is much more palatable without the red bull outfit

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Tailslde revert at FDR is FUCKED

Provost is still boring.

Milton, my God! Maniac


Up there with Bronze vid for best full length of 2021 for me. Loved it!

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