Crossword Thread

Will someone hurry up and get 13/15 because I can’t fucking figure it out and it’s really affecting my productivity

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Jesus, I know that Rover is a dog’s name. I was wondering where that fitted in to ‘Bristol Cities’, but it doesn’t.

This is a fast-moving thread.

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I can give you good letters for it:

_ _ U _ H _ | B _ _ _ _ _ _ | _ W _ | S _ _ _ _ _ _

something something two something? dunno.

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Thanks but that’s really not helped at all, haha

is it caught between two…something

It’s caught between two stools!!! yessss

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There is no way I would ever have got that. Miles off.

OK got these left. Need to check my work on some (e.g. Oil for 23/26. Can’t think what this is but it must be something oil. Also 16a rat. I think this must be right but there’s a lot going on in that clue for a small word.)

Yes I printed it out. What of it :grinning:

Edit: Well now I know the name of the only English pope. I wrote it in and then looked it up. Thanks for the knowledge viz!

9 across seems to be face powder but I cant break the clue down as to why. Maybe it’s not face but it’s definitely powder.


Think rat is correct an anagram of art,

22 across has got to be something bum - I want to say tennis bum but I don/t think that’s a thing…

8/24 across I reckon 24 is gonna be hello and then the last two letters of 8 across be O and T making Othello but can’t figure out the first letter of the 3 letter word to go on the start of that…

Rot for 8 across I think

Actually 1 down has got to be something chop

I was thinking it might be oat because it’s the top letters of ‘on art teacher’

Oats must be a type of grass.

It must be tennis bum? I’m not sure if it’s a thing either but what else can it be? Lazy fucker must mean bum as well.

Edit. Solved I think.

Milf oil is dubious and I didn’t know churns meant tits in viz language.

I love these craptics.


I just made my mum Google this


Your mum’s name on your phone is an anagram of ‘Bum mom’.

Do I win £5?


Les, can you please make a copy of the crossword spreadsheet in Google Sheets going forward so that we can properly crowdsolve? Thanks in advance.


“You make sure you’re wrapped up warm and learning lots of new swear words now.”


ah every day is a learning day…,I was just stoked on Mid loaf crisis, I was baby-sitting today, I mean parenting …(. my daughter turned 2 in August ) its quite nice to try and concentrate on something else , is that just me ? am I making sense ? Ami I in the wrong thread ?

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£50/26 is £1.92 you cheeky fuck. A fiver for one anagram.

Yes. I can only see this going well.

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