Crossword Thread

£50 riding on this one, potentially.


Damn this one is hard.

25a across is DELICATELY
16a is that dob?
18d down is NIL
19d down is DWELLS ON


  1. down is APHRODISIACS

haha damn

haha Les

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ok 14 down is BOG

22d is TIDY

17a is ORGANIC

19 across Dew

I’m at the brick wall stage.

I think 20a starts BRISTOL…something? is there a BRISTOL something dog breed?

22a TENNIS…something (Net?) fits but I can’t see why apart from Anna Kournikova being in the middle of the clue so I don’t think that’s the right path.

20a Bristol Cities.

It’s cockney rhyming slang for titties (milkers) and the 11 is the football team.

It’s also shortened to Bristols. So next time you see a girl with nice tits you can say ‘Lovely Bristols’

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I feel like I just wrote the urban dictionary entry for Bristol Cities.

of course. Eleven.

The answer is Bristol Rovers but you’ve got it.

Ah sorry, I didn’t even check to see if it fit I just counted the letters in Cities.

Where does the dog come into that?

edit: Ah.

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‘Rover’ is a common name for a dog.

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Rover is like Fido. It’s a nickname for a dog.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

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