crowd funder for indoor skatepark in East London (walthamstow)

hi everyone, there was a post a while ago about a petition for indoor skatepark in walthamstow. the project has moved on a bit and a location has been found, we have supporting letters from the council members and now a crowd funder is live. The main organiser is Everyone on Boards, a community organisation focusing on getting as many people from as many different communities onto skateboards as possible, because there are so many physical, mental, cultural etc benefits

it has a very big total (£110,000 in 80 days) but part of the plan is to get matched funding for half of it from various Mayor of London funding sources. It has been open for 2 days and is at 11% so it has had a good start, we really want to get another 30 backers (for any amount of £) this week before we alert the mayors advisors so they can see it has momentum and piques their interest.

we are working on the wider comms plan and i will do some updates but i wanted to flag it on here early doors in case anyone is able to support with even £5 but mainly i would ask you to spread the word and share the link so we get the momentum building. Obviously if you can donate £10 or £20 or more that would be amazing. (if the project does not reach its target then your money does not get taken)

any brands on here who might like to get more involved (eg being a more formal sponsor) please DM me - part of the longer term plan is to do events, have retail / food units etc. Likewise anyone else who wants to get more involved please let me know.

for more info follow @everyone_on_boards on Insta or their website


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just to add in case it helps - the location is 10 minutes walk from blackhorse road tube (so actually quite close to tottenham) and is very close to four different craft breweries