Crowdsourced Shoe Design Thread

There are a lot of smart cunts on here. With a lot of time on their hands. And we all LOVE shoes right? On the theme of the social media bombarding shoe brand that made the ugliest shoe imaginable (from the shoe thread) we have to be able to do better. Or at least not worse.

I’m sure that collectively we can develop something. Then we can shop it round to Nike, get Nyjah’s name on it and retire on the Janoski money.

So if we were launching a shoe brand, how would we do it? Tech? Sustainable? High end? Luxury? What silhouettes?

(I’m expecting Homer’s car but think this could lead to some interesting ideas, especially with how polarising shoe preferences are) Feel free to draw/render to illustrate your points.



I have a vision of the future!



There we go.

Whenever I get shoes that look good on paper, they turn out weird in size 11.

So my advice would be to only make them in size 8 and sod everyone else who cant fit in them.

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Sorry. I’d sort of decided that I needed to post Homers car before I’d read your mention but it was too good to pass up.

Hopefully you only saw Mystic Meg at first and scrolled hoping I’d blow you away with something fresh and new only to realise it was me posting and I don’t do fresh and new.


I’d vote for clean, uncomplicated uppers (stage 4 Vans mid) with high end materials. I’m marketing to 25 year old plus who’d want to wear them out after skating without going too Greco/Norberg.

DC jumped the gun on you with this turd of cosmic proportions…

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Did anyone else, and do kids still do this, draw made up skate shoes in the back of their school books?

Rubber toe
Lace loops
Air bubble

This is the high tech adult version of that.


In like 1988 I entered a comp in Skateboard or Rad or whatever to design a skate shoe and I came runner up and they sent me some stickers. So I am probably indirectly responsible for the Accel and Sal 23. Probably.


Either: find the drawing or recreate it. Pleaseandthankyou

can’t remember wtf it was like and didn’t have a photocopier back then :frowning:

No but I did spent a number of maths lessons making full page chess boards out of the squared paper workbooks we used? That any use here?

No pockets anywhere, not camo, and no printing on panels.

Halfway there already.

Do we really need another shoe company? Theres so many .
And For shoes that lasts five minutes (compared to normal trainers) thanks to being sandpapered most of their short life, it’s just another waste of the planet’s resources.
But no one ever thinks of that first .
Just the money

I’ll get back in my can



Yeah, shut it hippy.

Gotta look our best if we’re going to save the planet. It’s a necessary evil I’m afraid. Did shoes that grew in somebody’s garden ever look good? I don’t think so.

Fuck it then I’ll shoe goo my feet


Cupsoles only plz


Gum midsole.
Only colours available are black, white, navy.
(The attention seekers can have a limited edition yellow or pink)
Actually a little flourish of colour on the details. (eyelets, tongue edge etc)
Lows or mids, no hi tops.
No Velcro.


lol what about tan

schoolboy error

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