Cruiser setup

New to forums. I’m trying to locate a pair of 7 degree wedge riser pads in UK - anyone k ow of alternatives to Paris 7 degree wedge pads - available for purchase in UK please and thanks :skateboard:

These are the closest I can find ! Anything else around, or a link for the Paris risers in stock in UK. TIA.

Get some thick risers and chuck them on a belt sander. Get any angle you like :slightly_smiling_face:

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Also that description says that they limit wheelbite? Surely a wedge would increase wheelbite, although I’m not a longboarder.

Found some at 5 degrees. Not sure if that’s helpful. The guy who runs the offset site is a massive skate nerd and also very helpful. I’m sure if you ask about the 7 degree ones he would know where to find some.

It’s quite a specific setup thanks - the wedge works perfectly with the board :slight_smile:

Thanks KeithBeef, a good option :slight_smile:

Tracker used to make angled wedge risers, had some BITD, you might be able to track down some nos ones, no clue what the angle might be, but it’s an option

Depend if the wedge is turned inwards or outwards, it can make trucks turn faster, or less.

No surprises Tracker made them then as none of their trucks actually turned

The confusing graphics in this image will help explain it

wtf is going on with these trucks that are all over the place

oh I suppose the more at an angle they are, the more the quicker they turn, depending on how the pads are set up

Thanks for all the responses Spanky.
Exactly that - I am looking for the left middle setup for tight turning (highest part of wedge facing toward each other) but no wheel bite on 129mm trucks. Combination of cruiser and park riding.