Cruiser setups

For those with cruisers for getting to the shops etc comfortably, what kind of setups have you got? It’d be good to see/read about how much bigger you’ve gone on wheel size, board width etc, any shapes/companies you recommend. This weather means a proper skate is few and far between and I fancy getting something that I can just roll about on easily on shitty pavements. Ta!

My filming board used to be considered enormous, but it’s just an 8.5" Harmony board with knackered second hand Indys from 2002 and some massive 73mm, 78a Road Weapons., which make it really fast. Doing even basic tricks like ollieing up curbs with that setup is a ballache, so I put together a new one which I use a lot more consisting of an 8.25" Cafe board which I wasn’t getting on with, despite its dopeness, a pair of old Aces and 54mm 80a SML Coffee Cruiser wheels. A good deal slower I think, but balanced and feels good under the feet.

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Thanks Ciaran. What kind of risers do you need for wheels that big (73mm) to avoid bite?

I use my cruiser to skate to the food store and want it to be light, so it’s a 7.75 Magenta shaped board with old 129s and regular 52s right now. I had some really good soft wheels (Satori P-Town Players Brent Atchley, 54 mm) that I should put back on this set up.
I skated a mate’s boozer cruiser the other day, he had soft Haze wheels on it, 56s I think, those seemed pretty good.
I skate my cruiser with risers, like any other setup I have. The 1/8 Indy ones.

I sort of want to have another cruiser, a much bigger one I’d use to bomb hills in forrests and shit where the ground is usually pretty bad but I feel guilty as I already have 5 setups.
Blaming BA and Chico for that, haha.

I have a cruiser board that gets used more as one for the kids since moving from Paris to Cornwall. Currently Heroin Tapes board, which i think is 8.5 wide but feels skinnier than that. Indys and some (what were) Bones Hardcore wheels 54mm. I think they’ve re-branded as filmer wheels now, but I can’t rate them enough. Feels like a regular set-up but goes like shit off a shovel!

When I was skating to work I had an old 8.25 Chocolate deck with Indies, but big ol’ 60mm / 78a Ricta Clouds. Was an absolute joy to cruise round crusty streets, bit more awkward to ollie but doable.

7.75 Zip Zinger, Indy 129s, 54mm Ricta Clouds. I like the Rictas because they look like regular wheels. My son also uses it for skating up and down the road practicing ollies. I feel less of a twat in the coop with a smaller board.

For filming I whacked together an old 8.5 Scumco deck, Indy 149s, and a set of Penny (don’t hate) 58mm 78a I believe, which were a fiver with bearings… It’s really fast, but could do with having slightly smaller wheels, they’re really wide too.

I did have a Jason Adams Black Label with a nice big tail, Ace’s and some big 62mm 78as, but I lent it to @neddy and never saw it again… would like to think he did some good filming on it though…

Gonna guess they’re 1/8". No idea, but they’re not big anyway. Put them on there back in 03 and didn’t change the board till 09 and it served me well. Might need to upgrade the bushings at some point though and some wider trucks may help a little, but I doubt it. Will have a proper look later on tonight.

Randomly, my son’s board has a set of Ricta 54mm 78a Clouds on there and they seem to ride / feel much better than what I have.

I did I still have it, and will return it!

If you use it, then you keep it!

I’ve set up an 8.6 Polar deck with 65mm 78a Santa Cruz Slimeballs and half inch risers. Goes like a rocket, as I discovered when bailing an ill advised hill bomb today. Good for getting from A to B, definitely recommend the Santa Cruz wheels.

Sick, I was looking at the 60mm black Slime Balls. Nostalgia!

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