Dadlands x Groans Brigade Voltarol Open - May 7th (article up)

This. Looks. Amazing.


I put it in the go skating thread but probably deserves its own.

If any Dads want a lift up from North Herts/Beds Ive got space

Splendid! Have fun.

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Well up for this. Don’t want to call it too early
but I reckon I’m a serious contender in the Most Clung-On-To Rollaway category. :trophy:

Thats going to be fiercely contested category I reckon

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Now closed as posted here

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Unlocked due to people having a moan

Would love to come to this but chances are slim to fuck all



If you fly into Luton Ill give you a lift up with @franc


I’m going to try get to this. If anyone wants a lift from west London I’ll take them. Don’t need petrol money :zap:

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Will try to make it up for this.

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I can drive people from Oxford way @niallc

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In for this. With picnic chair & blanket.

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This is gonna be fun, proper forum meet it seems.


Deffo gonna try and get to this!

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I am 98% probably not going to make this but might I suggest haing some kind of subtle meeting point for forum heads, like a fold up chair with specific beer in a holder or something so people can rock up and say ‘Hi I’m xyz from the forum’ and immediate lolz can ensue


A plaster on the back of the hand, all covert, would work. Then you see someone else with one on too and shuffle over and quietly whisper your usernames to each other in hushed voices, squinting in the day light?

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For gods sake dont bring a packed lunch


I’ll provide the catering for the event…


The carpark is not big enough to worry about that.

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