DaeTrip - new Mike Arnold and Daewon Part

Highbrow Rodney vs Daewon, bourgeois Cheese and Crackers etc.


Also Videodrome references?

Very good all round.

How is Daewon still on that level. Mad.

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Yeeeeeee Michael :heart:

Daewons insta is always so barmy.
49 years old and he seems like he skates all day, every day.
Love it.


Boggles my mind how a big lummox like Mike can be so graceful and manipulate the physical realm to his will. All the mind-bending nbd’s aside it was that switch heel on flat they made me yelp.

And yeah, what remains to be said about Daewon? The crouching manny’s.

Those hippie flips were mad.

Loved the Oxford street Nollie 270 blunt trick.

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Love the reference back to this advert:

This is the best thing I have watched this week!

Joke aside will watch this again 100% what a fucking vibe.

Filming, music, fuck so good. Hadn’t seen anything from the Big Wave in a minute, and Daewon fuuuuck. I’m so hyped

Watched it again this morning. Amazing

That was absolutely incredible!

Only complaint - the skinny fakie tre next to moving traffic at the start was stressing me out!

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am i tripping or does Arnold ride really odd sized boards? they look like they have the shortest wheelbase ever

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