Dead Dave is Pro for Heroin Skateboards

Dead Dave is pro for Heroin Skateboards and has a video part coming out on Monday via Thrasher!

Congrats DAVE :trumpet: :trumpet::trumpet:


Good stuff, Dronfields finest :sunglasses:. Congrats duck

Decks look proper gnarly.

I don’t really get it. Is he just mates with Fos?

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Don’t be fooled cos he isn’t doing any switch flip back tails. Dave is a legitimately amazing skateboarder. Besides, skating is all about play and he’s probably the best at playing I’ve ever seen.

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It was a joke but yeah I guess he appeals to someone.

Stoked. Dead Dave’s part in that Heroin video where he skates to “Sports” is thrilling.

Stoked for Dave and loving the Lucio Fulci inspired graphic.