Deathwish Uncrossed

Link for that?


Thought it was gunna be a part from her! Haha.

Haha, nah. Just a shitty ‘coming of age’ movie.

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well, that video was fucking mental.

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Fuck me.

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Just watched the whole thing with my mouth hanging open.
That was absolutely fucking mental


I’m not getting into the whole ‘what trick it was’ but that fakie flip into switch front board was fucking insane

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I love how big Foy goes but also he has a good variety.

Fakie bs noseblunt and nollie fs blunt.

Such a good video.

Need to cut neen though.

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fakie flip to fakie fifty…I’ve never seen that on a rail.

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Not even the weird knock knee style of Kirby’s can be offputting, jeez, that dude could have died on most of his tricks, and he seems a nice smiley dude. Insane. Foy is unreal but he’s just up on that level that nothing is surprising, still amazing to watch, nothing to say, it’s Foy. I like Jake Hayes, cool style. Pedro is mad as hell, how does he constantly just dive to his arse and not break his coccyx. Madness.

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Some of Taylor Kirbys clips could have fully died on. The tail drop into that massive skinny bank.

…and ALL of the Pedro clips could have killed him.

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Form on the switch flip nearly killed me…



Yeah, that was a terrible switch flip for sure…But considering what came after, I reckon it’s more than fair to take it.


Oh that’s for sure! The switch flip was like a bad push before an epic trick.

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Yeah and that.

Ha ha. Yep. Exactly…

I was so on the edge of my seat in that clip.

I was turning on Neen in a good way early on in his clip, thinking “ah, he can do more than karate heelflips after all,” and no sooner had the thought coalesced in my head, did all his tricks become heelflip variations for the rest of his part. He needs to shake the “weird heelflip dude” image if he wants to be viewed any better.

The rest of it was just outrageous.

Has anyone ever done a whole part around a single trick? Neen got pretty close there, only 3 tricks that weren’t heel flip based

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