Deathwish Uncrossed

Taylor Kirby has problems. Some of the stuff he’s skating you could quite easily die on. Too many bangers to mention.

Fuck Julien Davidson is so good, kinda shared part with Jon Dickson.

Victor Ruesga mini part is rad, haven’t heard of her before.

Jake Hayes huge pop as usual.

Can’t get down with Neen.

Jamie Foy’s ender is fucked. Whole part as you’d expect.

Pedro takes the show and charges, will re-watch again later. Switch flip double set to hill bomb stood out. Deathwish is certainly a very different company than when it started.


Really enjoyed Taylor Kirby. Just love it when people do simple stuff at mach 10. That lipslide on the long flat to kink rail was lovely. Big fan of Delfino’s attitude towards cars


Fucking hell.

That was all absolutely savage.

I’ve never been a big fan of Foy but jeheeeez he can do any trick he wants on any size rail.

(needs to give up doing fs k to feeble though. stinking)


I’ve got nothing bad to say about Foy. Gnarly bastard

Yeah I’m just being picky. 99.9% of his part was fucking incredible.

Hairline is dodge.

That’s endearing

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Better than the cons video.

I really liked the girl from booksmart.
Really great and obvs gnarly in places but just didn’t work for me as a whole.
Didn’t like any of the music apart from del.
Nowhere near as good as cons.

Agree prefer Cons.

Delfino drinks from the same cup as Milton.

Tail grab egg plant was special

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soundtrack was rad, surely they didnt get music rights, Zappa!!

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Seen him do too many 50’s and Front 5-0’s though. My only beef.

Was wondering. Blondie was rad at the end. Somewhat ironically Neen had the best tune for me with the Pastor T L Barrett

Just saw on their insta that they arent doing a physical release due to copyright.
I thought thrasher had to use allowed songs on their website though?

Not sure how that works but no way they’re paying Blondie & Zappa rights

Are rights cheaper if you limit a video to a site’s own player?

Not sure but maybe Thrasher pay an overall fee. When you get into physical copies and Itunes etc it’s crazy. I know how much INXS for Dylan cost.

Why wouldn’t you put names in your company video. I do not get it.

Just put names on, please.


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