Decent complete skateboard for 7yr old beginner

Hi guys and girls any recommendations for a decent complete for a 7yr old beginner. My friends daughter wants a skateboard for Xmas. I’ve got a bit of an idea about stuff but was after some more advice on some decent completes and what sort of size.
What are brands like rampage, fracture, Enuff like?
They don’t want to spend silly money when she might not like it so probably around £40 maybe

Something like this would be good:

You’re really going to struggle to get anything decent for £40.

Those rocket completes Shiner used to do were like £35. But they are pretty shit to be honest.

Think they can go too £50
I understand that really good stuff costs but if she doesn’t take to it it’s a bit of a waste

£50 might be possible.

Here you go.

That’s from a legit shop too.

My kids have Real completes. Pretty sure they’re generic and just come with Real/Toy Machine/AH graphics printed on them. Bit over budget but there are currently a few on sale at Slam, random example:

Might be worth swapping the bushings out for bones ones as the stock ones will most likely be double shit

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You can always sell it on if they don’t like it. I got my 6 year old a Magenta mini, basic thunders and basic spitfires.

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That’s a sick little whip.

Found these think some pretty good deals

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If you can, please avoid buying from that website, it’s a big chain store, the other 3 links in the thread are Skater Owned Independent Shops all worth supporting!

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