Deck Makers

Sorry if there is a topic already on it, tried searching.

Who in the Uk or Europe are manufacturing boards.

We have a community project on the go and trying to source somewhere to get decks made.

Glad you asked. This comes up all the time and I’m not sure it ever gets a proper answer.

Whatever your thing is, big up you for wanting the boards from the right place.

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Gnosis Manufacturing
They do Blast’s stuff and shop boards for Brixton’s Baddest.


Thanks for the lead ill check it out.

HLC distribution in Spain alot of European brands boards. The National Skate Co, Sour, Sk8Mafia, Flip Euro etc

Thanks for all the information, much appreciated.
Just to clarify its not branded its production of decks from scratch.

Yep. Contact HLC. You just want blank boards?