Desert Island Skate Sections

You are stranded on a desert island and can only watch 3 skate sections (not whole videos, just sections) for the forseeable future.

Which ones would you take. Remember, choose 3 (to make it tough).


Grant Taylor - welcome to anti hero
Lance and Neil from Ban This
Mark Gonzales - Kicked out of everywhere

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Daxter Lussier - The Storm
Chad Knight - The Storm
Dave Coyne - The Storm


My three would likely change every time I had to pick.

This time I’ll have…

Mark Gonzales - Krooked Kronichles
Dane Brady - I like it here inside my mind…etc
Chris Pulman - Live From Antartica


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Ocean Howell - Next Generation

Mike Carroll - Questionable

Tom Penny - Rollersnakes Video Log 1

Tell me about it!

Today it would be

Gonz - Video Days
Worrest - Hometown Turf Killer
Cory Kennedy - Bellingham Part


Hahahaha maybe even drop Daxter and Chad and have Dobstaff’s section in there twice. Because.

Matt Rodriguez iPath promo
Robbie Gangemi Mix Tape
Natas Wheels of Fire

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Worrest section is a true connoisseur’s choice.



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The first friends section in welcome to hell

stevie’s section in the reason

lavar trilogy

Honourable mention: 2.10 - it’s like watching your mate skate. Would really appreciate more pulled back footage of lines…

edit: jesus dave coyne. Les you’ve just ruined my weekend.

Good call - 3 isn’t enough!!


Another one!!

I’m going to have to make a YouTube playlist out of some of these choices.

Sinner - Theatrix
Chad Fernandez - Globe Opinion
Grant Yansura - boardslide part


This is way too hard…

My original three had Ricky and Guy same as @krillmonger so instead I’ll say

AVE - Mindfield (once worked out I’d watched this 1500+ times)
Stevie Williams - The Reason
Cardiel - Sight Unseen

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3 definitely isn’t enough. I would include the Brent Atchley Elementality section if we had room for 4.

I think the general opinion on Globe Opinion is… No

In Fact I think we could have a Clockwork Orange skate parts thread, the worst three parts that are bordering on torturous… but perhaps we don’t want to dig up the stink.


PJ Ladd - WHL
Arto - sorry
Appleyard - sorry


I’m struggling because music is as or more important in order to make it repeatedly watchable.

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That’s the idea

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