DFE - Rotating Asset

New DFE part by Quentin with help from Jude.

Really good.


Pleasant Wenning for world leader

That was very good. Always enjoy any of his footage. The first trick caught me out, never seen that one before!

Didn’t want that to end. Intricate tech but tastefully done.

Very good

Agreed. Skater and filmers involved guarantee sick content. Loved the Sanchez inspired ledge move up the wedge and into the bank at Sb too

Lovely, lovely skateboarding but some real Nu Metal Fan Gets Taken To Magaluf With His Parents wardrobe choices there.

Don’t want to focus on the fits though because the skating really was great. Everything I’ve seen of DFE is stellar and everyone says how nice he is.

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Really like his trick direction.

This isn’t meant as a negative - but as a compliment - but he’s like the kid who only learned three ‘basics’ and then just went in so hard on them he ends up being the guy who does stuff you’d never think, constantly.

He’s great. Part was great.

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