DIY concrete mini Ramp

I have started the process of building my own concrete mini ramp out my back.

I have doubts & alternative approaches. I hope the community can guide me.


The stones are mixed in with the soil. I am going to use a wacker plate to compact it before lay hardcore

You really need sharp sand added to that , sand will fill the gaps and won’t wash away if water gets to it like the soil will . After that and a wacker, you should be good .


Your a star. Il do that. Building the retaining wall up next. Il keep it documented here

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Looking at the size there you’d need at least 5 24kg bags to cover/layer and drop between the gravel .

Is it gunna be a quarter at the back?

Are the pictures not in order

I thought “wow he’s going to build a mini but he’s just remade that bit so it looks nice”


And now it works in my brain haha