DJ Thread

I think there are a few DJs on here and Smokes mix made me wonder what he did it on. Interested in what gear you have, post mixes, places you have played?

I’m on a Prime 4. What you got?


i have some elderly turntables and a war-wounded mixer; stuff gets edited and tweaked in Protools

@jimvo and @tbk11 have made some excellent mixes


Been meaning to try editing mixes in a software package, which protools version/package would I need if it was just for that rather than creating original music etc?

How I’m set up right now listening to parallel universe with my son :heart_eyes: two 1210s and a trm 202, rest of records in my parents garage

Also don’t consider myself a DJ, I just facilitate parties happening really. Never learnt to mix much as I’d rather listen to a bit of everything and blend it, also never really been into the technical side of things and wouldn’t think of myself as particularly musical. I know what I like mind.

Used to make tunes on renoise now very rarely just with an mfb522 run through a monomachine, well fun. So many possibilities but I use it in an admittedly very simple manner as again, not very technical.

Couple links if anyone’s bothered, got a few of you on soundcloud already I think!

Sc -

Parties - Atom Funk · Past Events

Radio - Mixcloud

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2 X 1210s, bought for £450 with flight cases when I first moved to London - still going strong with no maintenance. Built so well.

Afew years ago got the cheapest digital decks I could find, pioneer ddj200 which are good fun and record realty well.

Was putting on a few nights before pandemic but the venue is kaput now.

Done on the digital decks


Skate video choons


Last time I heard Andy smoke DJ was at my place after the pub years ago, he went from Let off a couple by Beatnuts into Boris the spider the Who, yesss

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I love Jimvo’s Mixcloud account. There’s a huge range of electronic goodies on there, everything from ambient 90s sounds to dub techno to atmospheric dnb. I listen to his sets most evenings before bed, it all ticks a lot of boxes for me.


Fun story - I got my 1210s and an a&h xone 32 for 400 quid on ebay in 2012. The username was blockybalboa.

Drove down to a gaff near Watford with my mate and it was Brandon Block. He chucked in a pair of headphones as well. Looked rough as fuck bless him


Fuck off! Mate my town too and no surprise he lives here . He opened Area nigh club early 2000’s and it’s responsible for my tinnitus. Proper sound system and he spec’d it. That’s rad! Legendary set of dec’s there man. Hope you Cleaned the surface too just in case


Library footage before social media. He is immortalised and it’s always the acid house “ reference clip” he defo looks baked back then too

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I had to open the mixer once to fix one of the faders and was half expecting a little surprise in there haha

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Nice 1​:grin::+1:

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Loving this DJ mix of calypso funk & soul - if you like Beginning of the End or Cymande, this will float you boat.

The entire My Analog Journal YT channel is pretty rad if you like that sort of sound - dub, funk, soul, arabic, japanese, lovers’ rock, rock steady, bossa nova, samba, etc.


Love this, even if it looks like it’s shot in a toilet.

Fairly chilled one

Best bet for fittings cdj’s into here?

Thinking probably brackets into wall maybe, not sure I like the idea of stands tucked under the decks feel like they’re always dead flimsy…

Something like these might work if there’s a bit of space at back? Cheaper than most & still have the clearance between the 1210s & CDJs

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Mount your speakers higher up, move turntables wider then cds in the middle?

Speakers at different heights would drive me wild ha

weirdly, i think cdj’s in the middle would actually annoy me more than the speakers at diff heights aha