Does anyone have these UK Skate VHS Tapes/DVDs?

Hello everyone! :wave:
I am looking for the following VHS Tapes & DVDs that have been on my Wish-List for a long time! :vhs:
Is anyone selling one or more of the following VHS Tapes/DVDs? ££

Jamie Turnball - Wide Eyed World (1993)
Rollersnakes 3 (1994)
Enter The Dragon (1998)
Big Brother Number Two Screener (1998)
Woolly Jumper (1999) [VHS or DVD]
4 Wheel Dragons (1999)
War Effort - Black Ops
Jon Jones - Guided By Circles (2002)
Mans - Destroying Bridgend
Mans - Skatespotting
Tum Yeto - Special Agents Only
Gayton Hagglund - Crouching Filmer Hidden Poacher

Big Worms - Fish
This Is My Element Advance Premiere Copy
The Story Film Makers Guild
Fairman’s Skateshop Trilogy 1-3 (Fairmans Videos 1, 2 & 3 + an exclusive retrospective edit from 2015)

I have nice collection of Rare UK Skate VHS Tapes and can also trade!! :sunglasses:
Shipping location = UK
Please send me a PM of you can help out :slightly_smiling_face:.
If you have VHS Tapes/DVDs from the list but not selling them also feel free to reach out to me (would love to see pictures) :pray:.

Thank you!!!

Or Birdhouse - Free DVD :slight_smile:

*Forgot about that one