Dougie George ‘Periphery’ part

I think this is worthy of its own thread.
Big fan of Al Hodgson’s output and also of Dougie who seems to be fucking on one.
This is breakthrough level ability imho.
I hope Chocolate do something about this quickly.


Great people doing great things. Love all involved.

Dougie forum uksoty duh


Amazing like I said in the other thread. Edit / filming super on point as well. Dougie is a lovely dude.

Chocolate will sleep on this and like @anonymity said dougie is Lintell level, needs snapping up and getting paid.

So where’s he going let’s start a petition.

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2:47 the nollie heel up then no setup/adjust straight into nollie k was so good.

You think anyone is? Who is actually paid at Craig?

Wasn’t that Charlie Munro?


Dougie is low key one of the UK’s top! Him and Conor are quickly becoming my favs outside of the obvious