‘Down Low’ by Viktor Kretsis

Went to the premiere of this a few weeks ago.

Featuring: Harry Lintell, Andy Davidson, Shaun Wilkinson, Seb Batty, Nick Glanvill, Phil Stevenson, Adam Kus, Aleksander Zurawski, Kizzy Yuill, Patrick Crich, Jiri Bulin, Sam Mason, Lewis Threadgold, Zach Williams, Josh Bentley, Harry King, Mani Haddon, Keiyu Lin, Patrick Merryfield, Ricky Davidson, Leo Turner, Armarni Rochford, Connie Gascoyne, Joe Gavin and Josh Jordan.



just said woy out loud at my laptop when that andy stott tuned piped in

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Really good vid. But why did that one dude keep touching his face before trying a trick?!

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So good. Esp the low key soundtrack, mood.

if I won the lottery i’d set up a monthly payment to Mani haddon’s bank account.

Who does he get boards and shoes from? His footages is going from strength to strength and it’s a pleasure to watch

Keiyu lin I’ve never heard of before but was super stoked on his footage too.
Jiri is classic jiri and looks really good.
Sam mason’s stuff was really beefy and it’s great to see someone doing conventional hammers on massive British spots, which we don’t get much of anymore.
Patrick merryfields ender was mental and the person he shared a section with (not sure who) had some really great stuff.

Sick from top to bottom. It almost felt like how strobeck does a supreme project billed as an independent, or Austin Bristol did that video that was a palace one but billed as an independent with cameos- like that, but for pilgriim.


Skating was great as well as the tunes/editing.
However I can’t get away with the long lens seesaw filming.
There’s so much time going between the head and feet to trick that you pretty much miss the trick being done.
I know it’s been argued about before and it’s completely subjective but I find it hard to see what’s going on and a lot of the time you miss the start of the trick.
I don’t mind the focus on the faces or feet it’s the attempts to get both in and then the trick itself.
Anyway, not trying to hate as I loved the skating and the editing was good and I enjoyed the vid!