Drawing Boards - Street Art full video

Just gone live. Not watched it all (saving for lunch break) but caught a glimpse and the level of skating seems really high! Massive props @wayout.


Bump. The skating in this is pretty crazy. Everyone smashes it but Adam Keats, Dean Robertson and Evan Johnson really stood out. Also Isaac Miller launching himself off of the Holmfirth mega ramp is suicidal!

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Will definitely be watching this later.

I’ve crossed paths with Ash Challis (once or twice IRL & via IG). I’ve seen him do things at my local park that I didn’t even know were things.

Also - Wayout!


(Edit: clip of Ash from Companion wont embed. Have checked the /p/ Vs /reels/ thing but I can’t fix it)

Will catch up on this later.

Good to hear Keats has solid footage, he was prolific for the last few years around Devon, then appeared to have gone radio silent since moving to Oxford.

He moved to Oxford? Not that I’m in the loop anymore.

I thought so, used to be at his local fire station in Devon but he moved to Oxfordshire service thought I heard Oxford somewhere aswell.

That full cab flip by Evan Johnson was lush!
Also but absolute handrail techers from Adam Keats.

Good vid!

Also where are those ledges that Evan Johnson skates a lot; he does the fingerflip noseslide flip out on at the start of his section.