Drum machine / synth / sampler geekery

Definitely more fun and inspiring. Although the software way is more efficient I don’t think I’d have the urge to do it much, but there’s always a new way to try with hardware

Current setup, may well change tomorrow. Let down by the mini mixer which is knackered now. Might post some audio later

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Looks fun as hell man!

Just a bit of a mess around jam nothing special


Yes mate, like that.

I picked up that yamaha mg 12/4 yesterday, decent bit of kit and you prevented another behringer sale, cheers

That’s a goodun man. Good solid, standard unit.

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Birthday present :grin:


oooh, exciting!
Would love to be a fly on the wall when you first try it.

When I got my first Elektron machine (machinedrum) i’d tried so many drum machine/sampler/sequencers and none of them felt right or were just not fun or intuitive but within the first 10 mins of the Machinedrum I was yelping, it was doing everything my imagination wanted it to.

Drool. Let us know how it is

I got a Roland S1 as a bit of an impulse buy, £147. Definitely fun but not sure yet how much use I’ll get out of it. I do like small synths and through the mpc / midi keyboard it can be played like a full size.

Ok, so how is it?

Oh yeah I forgot to write a review. Can’t write a proper one now but it’s SO MUCH FUN.

spent countless evenings chilling on the couch with it and my headphones. Workflow has a bit of a learning curve but with practice you can build stuff up really quickly.

It’s expensive but I made the right choice getting a groovebox that does everything. Would have spent a fortune on individual bits and bobs to get the same sounds.


nice! Yeah, do get that amount of scope you’d have to spend alot on individual machines.



This video is why I bought an MPC. Got it for £250 about 10 years ago which is a lot less than they go for now.

Never made anything as dope as Pete’s though

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Anyone in the market for one of these? Recently acquired one and not sure I have the space for it

Dreadbox Typhon Desktop Monophonic Analog Synthesizer – Rubadub

Currently trying to get work out what I can sell for one of these. Tax return month as well so definitely not happening

Do people think these will turn out ok? Only £90 pre order. Always wanted to mess about with a theremin.

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I was getting all irritated they weren’t just doing a straight demo but they have

Guess it could be fun, I haven’t got the space really. I wonder if loads of bands will start using them. If you have always wanted one, just get it!