Drum machine / synth / sampler geekery

You probably know but it has this weird engine where the first tiny bit of sound is a sample then the body and tail is digital synthesis. Kind of odd and a bit sickly / eerie to my ears

yeah it’s a freak of a synth really and not really been looked into since. Hard to unleash unless you had the programmer, but not impossible. Programmers are hard to come by though.

Yeah this one is missing the cards with extra sounds on, it does have stuff like Jamaican marimba and wienglass which are pretty nice

No sequencer on it but fun playing it with the mini s-1

This is cool… thank you!!

This little box of mine is good fun and I still don’t know how to use it - I’ve been loading samples nicked from tunes I know and piddling about looping those.

Also… had a little nose on your Bandcamp - loving Winter Sunshine.

Thanks again.

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Help! I’m stuck… literally …in a loop.

I found some early D&B samples and can’t stop!!

Blu Mar Ten JungleJungle: 1989 – 1999 samplepack (rekkerd.org)

It’s getting late on Saturday night & I haven’t even opened a beer yet.

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Ah you found the mother load of jungle samples. Pretty much every woof, gunshot, break etc of all time right?

My attempts from a few years ago

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Nowhere near that level for me, but it’s fun nonetheless.



Sneaking this in here rather than clutter up the music thread

These are all jams basically, recorded in one take (last one is 2 jams stuck together)


I’ve been following a YT tutorial on how to program The Model by Kraftwerk on my Sample 2.

Had a play through just now and am feeling all ‘Insta stories performance’ tomorrow night! :point_right::laughing::point_left:


Cmon then let’s hear it!

This looks like it would be a fun starting point making ambient type stuff

Wonder what makes it standout as a “drone” machine than a typical 2 osc synth, on paper it’s just that. The form does look fun though.

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Yeah I thought that, guess it’s just a way to sell it. Be quite nice having it all in one unit but it’s not on my want list

I posted it on Insta Stories last night … will be brave(r) and pop it onto YouTube in a bit.

Edit: P(l)opped onto YouTube:


Credit to jumpwav for the tutorial…

You got the hang of that then, nice one!

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Doing remakes/ covers is meant to be a really good way to learn. Not really tried it but might have a go

There was this but it’s pretty bad!

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I found this one really useful - loads of little tricks that I’d not have known about or even thought of - all made using & tweaking the default samples.

There’s a Radiohead one I’d like to try next.

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You definitely learned quickly! Nice work

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Earlier this week I stumbled across a site that has a PDF booklet of drum machine patterns for download.

The site is called called Shitty Recording Studio and the booklet, Pocket Operations, can be picked up from Amazon… mine came today.

Looks like it could be useful.

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Nice one, good to see you getting into it

New one from me