Electric Skateboard project

Hey guys, hope you’re well!

I’m an engineering student at university and last year I started working on an electric skateboard project. Unfortunately the board got ruined and I had to throw it away.

Does anybody happen to know where I can get a free/very cheap longboard to keep working on my project?

Thank you and stay safe!

Longboards aren’t really our thing here @rc2111

Better off trying facebook marketplace or ebay I reckon

Hi @Spanky, thank you very much for the reply!

Sorry, I forgot to add a “/skateboard” after longboard. I don’t really mind which one I use as it’s my very first project and I’m still new to the whole concept, so it’s just to try and experimenting things and see what works and what doesn’t

This is more of a longboard thing.

try over on www.uklongforum.co.uk